AWARE - Fish Identification Specialty Course
Dive Chicago (312) 922-5090 AWARE - Fish Identification Diver program

Why AWARE - Fish Identification?

This course will introduce you to the most common fish families and species found in Chicago and tropical waters. You'll also learn basic fish identification and scientific survey techniques as well as how important personal involvement is in aquatic conservation. 


What do I need to start?

What will I do?

During your AWARE - Fish Identification Diver Specialty course, you'll practice basic fish identification techniques then collect fish identification data for submission to the REEF Fish Survey Project (if appropriate). The course includes all the background you'll need to identify fish in your area, including:

How long will it take?


Where can I go from here?

The AWARE - Fish Identification Adventure Dive from the Adventures In Diving program credits toward this specialty at the discretion of the instructor and this specialty certification counts as one of the five Specialty course certifications for the PADI Master Scuba Diver certification.

For more information on how you can hone your fish identification skills. Sign up by e-mail or leave a voice mail at our dock phone 312-922-5090.

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